1. WP Faster
    Highly Compress your site html before sending to visitor.
  2. WP Inline Edit
    Don’t Waste Time Use WP Inline Edit and save time .
  3. Captcha Garb Plugin
    Captcha Garb is a stylish fun way to stop spam.
  4. BuddyPress MyMood Plugin
    BuddyPress MyMood is a BuddyPress, which allows the members to express their moods at different times.
  5. My Mood Plugin
    MyMood is a WordPress Widget / Plugin used for expressing showoff your current mood or status to your WordPress Site.
  6. TabGarb Plugin
    TabGarb is a WordPress Plugin allow you to convert your boring content into tab enable content.


  1. Richpad JQuery Plugin( currently inactive )
    Richpad is light weight simple WYSIWYG HTML Editor jQuery plugin.


  1. Free 30 social networking sites (64×64) Icons pack.
    PNG 64×64 eye candy social networking site icons pack free!

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

  1. AsciiGarb for Gravatar.
    AsciiGarb for Gravatar is a tool which draw gravatar display picture to ascii text.
  2. AsciiGarb for Twitter.
    AsciiGarb for Gravatar is a tool which draw twitter display picture to ascii text.