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Plugin is hosted at WordPress Extend.
Wordpress Extend :


What is Captcha Garb ?

Captcha Garb is yet a stylish puzzle like fun comment spam blocking plugin that block spam comment posted by automated bots.

The plug-in comes with 58 cool puzzle images and you even can upload yours direct from captcha garb admin page ! :).

Screenshots :

Captcha Garb on comment form
Captcha Garb admin general settings
Captcha Garb Puzzle Management on Adminpanel

Installation :

Automatic Installation

1. Go to Wp-admin > Plugins > Add New
2. Enter Captcha Garb in Search Box and submit
3. Install Captcha Garb.

Manual Installation

1. Upload `Captcha Garb` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Plugin Configuration

Its very easy to configuring this plugin just go to Settings > Captcha Garb. in wp-admin.

Any bug or idea ?

  • If you find any bug in this plug in please lets us know , post comment your following bug of this plugin .
  • If you have any new idea for new options and settings please comment about it and lets us know :) .

Thanks for your support

19 thoughts on “Captcha Garb A WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hi. I have a new install of WP and BP, and I’m pretty new to all this. I’m looking for something to combat splogs. Can your captcha go the registration page? And do you think this will help me?

    BTW, even if your captcha isn’t the ticket for me, well done! This captcha is sweet.

    1. @mike currently captcha garb is for comment section soon i will release next version which will have support registration and other section.!

  2. Hi Ayush,

    This is a very refreshing alternative to the all-too-boring standard captcha. Thank you!

    Here’s my suggestion: in an upcoming release, could you include an option to disable the captcha for logged-in users?

    Thanks again?

  3. I’m LOVING this idea!!!!!
    And I installed it on my wordpress blog, and it didn’t show up. So I came here, and saw that people were mentioning maybe a theme conflict. I use suffusion right now – but I wasn’t married to the comments display anyway, so I deleted out comment.php & comments.php in the template to let the WordPress default take over.
    So the images shows up.
    But the pieces won’t move around.
    ?? Any idea why?
    At first I thought maybe it was a mac/browser issue. But it won’t work on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome on the mac, and won’t work in IE or Firefox or Chrome on my Windows pc either.

    I’m really hoping to solve this!! Please help! ^^

  4. hello!
    if i want to change next 2 texts “DRAG IT TO SOLVE IT” and “REFRESH”, How do or can i do?
    i want to use domestic language (Japanese).

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