BuddyPress MyMood 1.6 Release & Upgrade Changelog

i have done with a new version 1.5 for BuddyPress MyMood and i have did alot of changes which are recommended by user who using this plugin.

New Things Added

Auto Smiley Changer

Auto Smiley Changer auto change smiley when mood are being selected.
Smiley will be change depending on setting saved on buddypress mymood setting page (see screenshot below).

Language Support

Now BuddyPress MyMood Support l10n language support so now you can easily translate it.

Performance Improvement

Some Performance improvement added.

Things are changed

Smiley Saving System is Changed

Smiley saving system is changed.

Note: If you are going to upgrade BuddyPress MyMood 1.6 from 1.5 then old activity smiley will be lost due to smiley system changed except Mood.