1. MockNow
    Mocknow is a free online wireframes and mockups sharing tool.
  2. WP Faster
    Highly Compress your site html before sending to visitor.
  3. WP Inline Edit
    Don’t Waste Time Use WP Inline Edit and save time .
  4. Captcha Garb Plugin
    Captcha Garb is a stylish fun way to stop spam.
  5. BuddyPress MyMood Plugin
    BuddyPress MyMood is a BuddyPress, which allows the members to express their moods at different times.
  6. My Mood Plugin
    MyMood is a WordPress Widget / Plugin used for expressing showoff your current mood or status to your WordPress Site.
  7. TabGarb Plugin
    TabGarb is a WordPress Plugin allow you to convert your boring content into tab enable content.


  1. Richpad JQuery Plugin( currently inactive )
    Richpad is light weight simple WYSIWYG HTML Editor jQuery plugin.


  1. Free 30 social networking sites (64×64) Icons pack.
    PNG 64×64 eye candy social networking site icons pack free!

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

  1. AsciiGarb for Gravatar.
    AsciiGarb for Gravatar is a tool which draw gravatar display picture to ascii text.
  2. AsciiGarb for Twitter.
    AsciiGarb for Gravatar is a tool which draw twitter display picture to ascii text.