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TabGarb is a WordPress Plugin which lets you split you content into tab enable content easily, Tabgarb use HTML comment tags for formatting tabs which make your content wordpress friendly ( TabGarb Formatting tag will not spoil your content in case TabGarb is disable ).
TabGarb come with editable css theme so you can edit tabs css from your admin panel easly and you can change the speed and effect of changing tab direct from TabGarb Settings in WordPress admin.
TabGarb also offer ready made css theme click theme TAB for download.
TabGarb at WordPress .
New ! TabGarb Tabs Generator Click Here


See above .


  1. Very easy to use.
  2. WordPress friendly, seo friendly, very easy formatting.
  3. Debug enable.
  4. Easy editable Theme ( No Need to open Cpanel , FTP etc for editing css ) .
  5. Many ready made Tabs Themes Available at .
  6. Easy changeable Effects ( just from WordPress admin panel ) .
  7. Easy controllable tabs changing speed ( just from wordpress admin panel ) .
  8. Method Option ( Html Load , Javascript Load ) .


Version (1.4.1) :

  1. Fixed long content problem .

Version (1.4.1) :

  1. Added Support to render tabs on Blog and front page! .
  2. Debug improved! .

Version (1.4) :

  1. Added Support to add content above tabs! .
  2. Moved Css To Head Will fast Tabs Rendering ! .

Version (1.3) :

  1. Added Method Option ( Html load and Javascript load ) .
  2. Debug error Rendering Fixed .

Version (1.1) :

  1. Fix Function Redeclaring .

Version (1.0) :

  1. Fix Interface problem in IE.
  2. Fix jQuery load problem.

Version (beta) :

  1. Just Released :).


  1. Download TabGarb and unzip it .
  2. Upload tabgarb folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your server.
  3. Activate the TabGarb plugin under the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Enjoy .


New ! Easy and fast way to UseTabgarb With TabGarb Generator
TabGarb is very easy to use kindly follow guide below.
I am going to show you how TabGarb work in following steps below.
i am explaining you by creating demo page so its will be easy you to understanding quickly.

  1. First lets go to Add new under Post or Pages .
  2. Switch editor view into HTML .

  3. Next now in start we add listing of tab which you want to display under (post, page) .
    • Start listing TAG with under new line after creating all tab which we want to display.

      display :

      <!--tabgarb tab1=Introduce tab2=About Author tab3=Email -->
    • Use active TAG for making tab default Open when page load .

      Display :

      <!--tabgarb tab1=Introduce tab2=About Author=active tab3=Email -->
  4. Now we have done with Tab Listing now we attach content to tabs.
    • Put <!--start=TAB-unique-code--> TAG in above of your TAB content and <!--end=TAB-unique-code--> above of TAB content and replace “TAB-unique-code” with the tab unique name .
      <!--tabgarb tab1=Introduce tab2=About Author=active tab3=Email other=Other other_2=Other 2 -->


      This is Introduce Tab

      About Author

      This is About Author Tab


      This is Email Tab


      This is Othe Tab


      This is Other 2 Tab

  5. Now you are done with Tabs Formatting .

Expert View

code view :
<!–tabgarb -> use for opening tab listing .
unique-name=Tab name -> Start in new line under <!–tabgarb TAG unique-name should Unique Name with no space
unique-name=Tab name=active -> Use active tab to make TAB default.
<!--start=TAB-unique-code--> -> USE this code above of TAB content and replace TAB-unique-code with tab unique name.
<!--end=TAB-unique-code--> -> USE this code below of TAB content and replace TAB-unique-code with tab unique name.

Example POST

<!--tabgarb tab1=TAB 1 NAME=active tab2=TAB 2 NAME tab3=TAB 1 NAME tab4=TAB 1 NAME -->
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Result :




Click THEME and download txt file.


Copy text from txt file and then paste it in your WordPress admin TabGarb Option Page. !
Black Style Author :

XP Style Tabs Author :

If you like TabGarb then please contribute in it by making few nice Theme for it and submit here :)..
Send us your created theme at contact@webgarb,com

Please feel free to comment :)
Thanks for using TabGarb
TabGarb copyright 2010

197 thoughts on “TabGarb WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hi,

    looks good. But dont works on my site. I think its because jquery is allready loadet.

    Perhaps you can include a querry, if jquery is loadet before? Or something else?

    Thx, Frank

  2. Hi,

    no, new updates also dont works with ie8.

    When i click on a tab, the white background is gone away…. same as yesterday.


  3. thank you for this great plugin !
    however, I can’t add any text BEFORE the tab in the post… the text appears after the tab… is there a way to fix this ?

  4. @franky : Please upgrade manual delete old plugin and then download new one, coz i have fix and tested in ie8 its working good :).
    @mat : TabGarb render tabs in top of the content there is no way to fix this in this version .

  5. ok, have done this. Without success. Same problem as above. Dont works correct on ie8. White background is gone away when clicked……

    sers, Frank

    Btw. you should notify users via email if here is a new post…….

  6. @Franky : Be sure you clear your cache, if you are using any cache WordPress plugin. You can give me the link of that post or page where you using TabGarb, so I can check what exactly the issue. Tell me, if you need any further assistance.

  7. Hi Ayush,

    Thanks for this awesome plugin, love it.

    Just one problem though – WishList members have just upgraded their plugin and now with TabGarb activated wishlist’s dashboard doesn’t work. I have a sneaky feeling its teir code thats breaking things up as I have 3 other plugins that are causing the same issue.

    Don’t know if you can look into yours to see if anythng can be done? For the time being I have forsaken having the wishlist dashboard showing up in favour of this plugin.


    1. @Zulfikar : Sorry i dont have Wishlist license so i can’t test withit,
      you can do reinstall TabGarb may that will solve the problem.

  8. OK Ayush, thanks. Will try that and see how it goes. Plus I’ve writen to WLM’s owner for advice, maybe I’ll give feedback on their reply if anyone else is having same problem. If not then no worries :)

  9. TabGarb is adding to the end of the pages. I am very particular to the white space on the page, and I cant find the code to remove it. Can you point me in the right direction?

  10. I’ve noticed that if I click on the tabs in quick succession the wrong tab content is loading. I have 4 tabs, if I click on tab 3 3 times in a row the content for tabs 4 & 2 will randomly show. Any ideas? A conflict with another script.

  11. Awesome plugin. Seems to work great on your site, but on mine it adds an extra tab at the beginning and gives me the error: TabGarb Error : “” Tab Not Found.
    I am using the sample code you have provided.

    1. @jimmy : check if you have warp the content for you tab if tabgarb dosent find content for that tab its show this error and please use HTML mode for editing :)

  12. Hi,

    from the similar plugins that I’ve tried, this is the best one ! Unfortunately, I got one (weird) issue :

    In FF, if the first tab content is a H2 (or H1 etc) text, then there is no gap between the tab name and the text. It works fine in Chrome and IE. Do you know how to fix that please?


  13. @jesse : you must check if you doing all thing correct, check if you have closed the tab content with eg : .

    @Garry : as i have tested this plugin in FF i didn’t find any problem here, its maybe problem in your theme css.
    or you can edit css code of TabGarb from TabGarb setting according to your theme.

  14. Hey Dev plugin work grt but i am not able to add more than one group of tab in the same post/page , how to add more than one group of tab ?

    1. @roger : currently this tabgarb version only have 1 level tab function, maybe future version of tabgarb support multiply level tab functionality

  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not genuine tabbed panels, as the page is reloaded each time a tab is clicked?

    So, is all the content saved and loaded on one page? I have been working with Spry Tabbed Panels and looking for a similar effect with WordPress.

    Thanks for your advice and hard work.

    1. @Andy : TabGarb Have currently 2 Method of loading Tab Normal HTML, (which will reload page in every click) and Javascript, (which load tab without have reload your page) , for changing method go to TabGarb admin setting Thanks.

  16. @singh thanx for considering my wish list , got one more problem if i place below the cotent in page/post it show up in the top of all the content


    1. @roger : Yes TabGarb Always show on the top of the content in the future version of Tabgarb its will be also Solve. Thanks..

  17. Hello
    – I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. I have the plugin implemented here:

    What happens is, the tabs get moved to the beginning of the post / page. In the HTML, the TabGarb block is encased in a styled div (dashed border), but when the page renders, the tabs are at the top of the page, out of context.
    Any suggestions? cheers

  18. Hi Ayush,

    Great plugin btw!.. Do you have a expected time to fix the issue when you try to add content before the tabs? The tabs are great but is impossible right now to add content before the tabs… Thank you so much!

  19. Using your sample code, fresh install, get the following error:

    TabGarb Error : “” Tab Not Found.

    This is a direct copy-and-paste from the code in the admin panel settings, and using the code on your website under ‘Usage’.

    Does this plugin work?

    1. @dominic : Have you turn your editor to HTML editor .. if this is error is coming again please paste code here if possible ..

  20. Hi!

    After updating to version 1.3 I am receiving the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tabgarb_link() (previously declared in /home/journey/public_html/aquietrevolution/wp-content/plugins/tabgarb/function.php:110) in /home/journey/public_html/aquietrevolution/wp-content/plugins/tabgarb/function.php on line 125.

    I am not using tabgarb in posts; only pages. The plugin works well in pages, but is messing up my posts. Example post —

    Thanks for your assistance, Kevin

  21. Hi all.

    I have problem with this plugin, version 1.3: paragraph p and br.
    In the bottom of the tabs I see a 6 empty paragraphs on my pages. The same problem has Jesse.

  22. New version is loaded but still dominates the top of page. I have an image that is used for a page title and it still shows below the Tab content. I thought this was going to be fixed in the new version… is there a workaround?

    1. @G.Brown : Sorry in new version i just did small fixes in next version “1.4” i will fix that problem you saying .. Thanks!

  23. My heading is ending up beneath the tabs and I want it above the tabs. I noticed other comments about this. Is there a way to fix it or a workaround? I love the plugin. It’s so easy to use… but I can’t use it unless there is a way to resolve this. :-(

  24. Is there a way to have NO default tab open on page load – just show the tabs – forcing the reader to click on whichever tab they want to open?

  25. Hi Ayush

    The level of support for this plugin is fantastic. I think I can speak for everyone by thanking you.

    I have one question. Can I have more than one instance of TabGarb on a page? When I try it the formatting on the first one gets messed up and the second one doesn’t work at all.



  26. It also appears that with Tab Effects set to anything other than none the tab content get’s mismatched when clicking tabs quickly.

    1. @Brian : Yet TabGarb only Output one level of tabs group i am working of multiple level because of having busy schedule not getting time to upgrade my plugin, but ill do launch this feature soon. Thanks .

  27. Hi Ayush

    thanks for the response. I’ve got another small problem. I’m getting a 100px space under the tabs thats’ pushing other content down. I can’t figure out where this is coming from. \\thank you

    1. @Reinard : Nah this tab doesnot work under multiple Post Loops Tabs are only visible in post or page.!
      and you can see its already running 6 tabs in this page .

  28. Hi Ayush and Thank you, it’s great
    one problem, Tabgarb render to top of the article only, (any solution ?)and
    there is something similar for the sidebar ?
    Sorry I’am novice, and my english is poor !!

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