How to : Share your mobile internet via Bluetooth to PC Win XP

Hello Guys yea of course i am Ayush here and today i’m going to tell you how to o Share your internet mobile GPRS internet connection via bluetooth Dongle .
Since before long i was trying to find a way to connect my mobile GPRS internet connection to PC so i can use my mobile internet connection when my boardband is not working, but the problem is that my mobile don’t have modem so what to do ? but i got something in my mind i remember that one of my friend told me connecting internet via bluetooth is possible , after that immediately i gone to market and buyed a bluetooth Dongle for connecting my Mobile to PC via Bluetooth .

What is Bluetooth Dongle

bluetooth USB dongle allow you to transfer data between a multitude devices. like transfer information from your mobile to PC , PC to Mobile and etc.

When Need of Bluetooth Dongle

If you using Bluetooth Enable Desktop or Laptop you don’t need to buy Bluetooth Dongle :).

How Much Bluetooth Dongle Cost

Its Cost you Something Between 5 or 10 Bucks. Check it out at Ebay.

What do you need for continue ?

  1. One Cup of tea ya coffee, they will help you to face the frustration when you unsuccessful :D .
  2. One Dongle .
  3. One PC .
  4. One Mobile Smart Phone with GPRS and Bluetooth Enable .
  5. Your Mobile Sim Service Provider APN (Access Point Name) .

Ok I already told you about Dongle now might be you having question what is APN ?
Hmm APN is Access Point Name identifies an external network that is accessible from a phone its always needed to connect internet in cell phones.

Where to find your Service Provider APN ?

If internet is working in your Mobile phone then you can simply get APN from you mobile by going Service->data account->GPRS
there many of setting you will find there after that open your current active GPRS connect Setting and get APN from there.
else if you dont have internet connection active in your cell just contact your customer care for help and active your GPRS internet in your cell Phone.

If you Collected all thing that we need for continuing this tutorial then simply follow my steps :)

First Step Connecting PC to Mobile

If your PC is Bluetooth Enable so you dont need to you bluetooth dongle.
If you not have bluetooth Enable PC then Please connect your Bluetooth Dongle to your PC.
and Follow the step below.

  1. If your dongle is not plug and play then simply install your bluetooth dongle drivers.
  2. Then you will see bluetooth icon in your taskbar notifications .
  3. Right click that dongle taskbar icon then click add bluetooth device, note this below screen shot may be not match to your bluetooth driver software but maybe similer.
  4. Search your device and Connect it your PC.

After connecting your device to your Pc simply follow next step .

Second Step Adding Modem Setting

Ok after you Connected your Mobile to PC via Bluetooth now need to add bluetooth modem Follow below steps.

  1. First Go to Control Panel then in sidebar there is “switch to classic” View click it and then many of icon will visible .
  2. After that under control panel go to Phone and Modem Options .
  3. After when Phone and Modem Options will appear then go to Modems Tab.
  4. After that click add button then a wizard will appear and then click next .
  5. After that your all Connect bluetooth device will appear, select your mobile which you want to connect as modem and then click ok .
  6. After adding modem, go to modems tab and select modem you’v just added and then click properties button below .
  7. After clicking to modem properties a dialog will appear now just to Advanced tab in appeared Dialog .
  8. Now in Advanced tab you have to change Extra initialization commands setting setting just simply put this text in that setting +CGDCONT=1,"IP","YOUR APN"

Note : Change YOUR APN in +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”YOUR APN” with your service APN else your mobile net connection will not work ! .
Now click ok in your Phone and Modem Options setting dialog and follow our next step.

Third Step Creating Dialup Connection

Now we are going to Create dialup connection for your mobile internet access.

  1. Go to Control Panel then Network Connections .
  2. Then click Create a New Connection after then a wizard will appear .
  3. Wizard saying someting “welcome to the new connection wizard” just click (Next >) Button .
  4. After then Wizard asking for “Network Connection Type” just select connect to the internet and click (Next >) .
  5. After that Wizard is asking “How do you want to connect to the internet” just select setup my connection manualy .
  6. After clicking next just select “Connect using dial-up modem” and click (Next >) .
  7. Now Wizard asking for a ISP Name put anything you want eg : my Cell Modem .
  8. Now Wizard will a ask about “Phone number” just add *99***1# into it and then click ( Next > ) .
  9. After clicking Next Wizard will ask you about your username and password, leave username and password blank .
    Note : if you using password and username in your mobile GPRS then put that username and password here also .
  10. Now click next and finesh your Connection Wizard .

So Congrates you’v been sucessfully installed your connection .
for starting your connection just click your created dial-up connection in Network Connections and click dial button under appeared Dialog .

Hope you are not unsuccessful while connecting your Mobile internet connection to PC via bluetooth .
For any help please post following comment below .

Update(26/7/11) Note: sorry I could not help about this topic anymore, please try to use Bluesoleil Bluetooth Software for connecting internet easily .!

Thanks Webgarb.

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  1. hai Ayush

    iam chanderkant iam trying to connect internet via bluetooth i done all setup what did you tell but i face a error 692 there was a hardware fail in modem but i done all setting my modem is enable but i don’t know what happen ???
    my fly mobile b 700 duo
    using connection aircel
    please help me

    1. @ChanderKant : Check your Bluetooth is connected correctly and confirm that you have did complete Second Step ” Adding Modem Setting ” and which apn you using ?

  2. Hey thanks a lot for the nice guide. i am able to connect to internet smoothly. keep adding new tricks. thanks again.

  3. Hello, I have forby chinese mobile with bluetooth & gprs compatable.I want to connect my mobile internet to my pc bluetooth. Please suggest me.

  4. hello friend , when i am connecting via Bluetooth to pc ,its coming upto registering your computer on the network and then
    Error 734 The PPP link control proctocol was terminted

  5. Hello Sir,
    Am sunil from India, thank for you kind information but when i attempting to dail then i am getting following error please let me know sollution:

    Error In Computer:
    Registering your computer on the network..
    Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated

    and Error In Cell:
    Accept HID request

    please tell me solution thanking you sir

  6. Hello I am from Albania and I have a iPhone3 g and when I fall all this steps I stuck on samthing sayes your iPhone cant connected with this computer for further information contact your phone manufacture
    and you have to install some drivers and show me a disc but I don’t have that disc
    Please what can I do to fix this problem help me..

  7. Please Help Me.
    i have small usb bluetoth.
    my Mobile GPRS is complet work on pc using bluetooth. but not send file from mobile to pc and pc to mobile. i search buletooth divice in mobile after i find pc bluetooth in mobile. but when i send file i get error “uneble to counnect” in my mobile. and send file pc to mobile get error “can not complet file transfer wizard”. please help Big brother. how to solve this problem. i wait. reply fast.plz!

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