WP Inline Edit A WordPress Plugin

Plugin is hosted at WordPress Extend.
Wordpress Extend : wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-inline-edit/


What is WP Inline Edit ?

Wp Inline Edit is a WordPress Plugin which will add ability to author/admin/editor to edit your post/page from page/post itself without going to wp-admin edit page.

Just updated a post in your WordPress Blog,
but noticed a spelling/grammar error?
Got more work and less time?
Aah! You no longer have to visit the edit page again, as with this plugin “Wp Inline Edit”, you can simply double click on your post to edit it from the post itself. It will make “inline editing” a trend that every blogger would embrace.

Screenshots :


Installation :

Automatic Installation


1. Go to plugin add new
2. Search for “wp inline edit”
3. Install and activate.


Manual Installation

1. Upload `wp-inline-edit` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


How to use this plugin ?

Just go to page/post you want to edit double click on title or content to edit them and for saving click outside.

Editing title

Double click the title text after that title element will change to editable input after loading. and when u done change just click outside of that editable input new changes will automatic change.

Editing Content

For editing content double click content text than it will change to editable Editor make change and press save green button on bottom or though you can cancel too.

Is it secure ?

Yes its secure only can post author and admin can edit post.

Any bug or idea ?

  • If you find any bug in this plug in please lets us know , post comment your following bug of this plugin .
  • If you have any new idea for new options and settings please comment about it and lets us know :) .

Thanks for your support

52 thoughts on “WP Inline Edit A WordPress Plugin”

    1. @Peter Wp Inline Edit Should work with every well coded theme who using the_title and the_content hook and wp_footer() and wp_head() function under template properly.

  1. Hello,
    This sounds really great but I can’t seem to get it working. Upon loading a page, I see the top bar of the editor and an empty text edit area, roughly 300 by 400 pixels. Then upon double clicking my content text, the editor loads, but it is only about 200px wide and the editing toolbar and the save button jump ALL over the page.
    Help? I have no idea why it would be doing this


  2. Thanks for the great plugin! I’m having trouble figuring out how to edit post titles. I can edit page titles just fine. I’m using Atahualpa, but I also tried with Suffusion theme and couldn’t make it work either. Am I just clicking in the wrong place? Thanks!

  3. For blogs with dark backgrounds, is there a way to make the editor use a specific set of colors? Right now when I go to edit, the text goes to black, but any background images bleed through and you can’t see what you are editing. Is there a way to set the background to white while editing?

  4. I’ve installed and activated the plugin but when I go to the page to edit there is nothing different… no editor pops up when I double click on the text or the title. I’ve tried in 3 different browsers. I even thought it might be a theme issue, so installed it on another site that uses the twenty-ten theme… still nothing. Am I missing something here?

  5. Ok, it is now working on the site with the twenty-ten theme, but not on the site I want it on. So, it seems this plugin doesn’t like certain types of themes. The one I’m using is Burning Bush by Nathan Sams, Version 1.0. Anything I can do with the theme scripts to make this plugin work?

  6. Phenomenal Plugin, it’s absolutely amazing! I was just wondering I use a lot of drop down menus, and the plug in seems to break them is there anything I can do to stop it from changing the html when loading?

  7. Doesn’t work for me. Installed the plugin, activated it and nothing appears on the front end. I tried it on 5 different themes including 2 themes from the wordpress.org repository. Any ideas guys?

  8. Hi, your plugin is fantastic!

    I was looking for something like this for years.

    And i will love your plugin if it allows me to create the post from the wordpress front end, Maybe an idea for your next update? =P

    Ah, and of course a full suppor for custom posts will be great idea too.

    Thank you

  9. This is really amazing, thank you!

    I second the idea of creating posts.

    Also would be good to be able to DISABLE this for certain posts / ot the homepage and only enable it for certain categories if possible?

    Thank you for such great work!

  10. Hi,

    Good work !

    Do you plan to make your plugin compatible to custom post type, custom field, and taxonomy ?

    Would be awesome !


  11. Fantastic Plugin, works a treat. However I really need to be able to edit custom post types. Is this on your to do list, and if so what is the time frame?

    We use a plugin for building out the content on sites, this is the plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/ether-content-builder-wordpress-plugin/1690784

    But when we build out our content using this, the WP Inline Edit does not seem to pick up on any of the content. Is this something you can adjust in your code so we can use your plugin with the Ether Content Builder?

  12. Hello. Your plugin is great. Have you had any success to get it to work on a category page? I modified the plugin to work with “is_category” but when clicking any title or content, it selects every title on the page, and the editing box gets strange. Also, is it possible to add additional controls like delete post?

  13. Hello Ayush Singh, I consider that your plugin is extremely useful. I have a question: Are there any option who can only be activated on one page? I have a site with a page where you can add text, another with photos,a third with audio files and the fourth with video. Since your plugin is active on all pages, double-click opens the file for editing in the backend and i don’t want to give acces for my users.
    An activation option only on certain pages, I think it would be fantastic. The number of fonts is limited to seven, although I have installed about 300 fonts. How can all this be visible? Thanks a lot for any answer but for a possible solution ….

  14. Hi Ayush Singh,

    Awesome plugin! I can perfectly edit the title without any problem but I have a javascript error “fullscreen not defined” when I try to edit the content. The “Update” button does nothing. I’m using the twentytwelve theme.

    Thanks for your help.


  15. Hi, The very nice plugin doesn’t work in another location in my theme? In the header i use another query_post, but in that case WP inline edit does not work!? Any suggestions or guides on that matter.

  16. Hello Ayush,
    This is a great plugin.
    But the update button does not save the edited post/page in WP 3.9.2
    Clicking the update button says “Save Failed”
    So I am not able to use it at all.
    Can you kindly fix this bug ?

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